Karnataka State Government Awarded and Renowned Indian Classical Vocalist/Writer

Pandit Rajguru Guruswami Kalikeri was born on Wednesday on 3-9-1940, on Ganesha Chaturti to Kasayya and Paramma in Kalkeri village, Sindagi Taluk of Bijapur district(Karnataka, India). He has started his primary education in Kalkeri and with God-given voice and gift of music; he possessed the art of singing naturally. His father was a singer himself in Bhajans, Bayalata and folklore. He learnt the art of singing from his father and participated in many school programmes and he was nicknamed as ‘Balakinnara - Kalikeri Kogile’ (Little angel – Nightingale of Kalikeri) by the teachers and villagers alike.

After completing primary education in Kalikeri, he has passed the Mulki examination (7th Std.) in 1955 stood first for the entire taluka(Region) centre. He started his high school education in Khasgateshwara High School at Talikote and emerged as finest singer for the entire school in music competition. The teachers in the school opinioned that ‘if he gets education in music he will become a great singer’. His budding ambition to learn music blossomed in 1956 and he became a disciple of music legend Padmabhushana Sri Pandit Puttaraja Gavayi of Gadag and started his Hindustani Classical music lessons.

Sharp, intelligent and a melodious voice with excellence in education made him to be known as Sangeetha Visharada. Sri Puttarajgavai appointed him as the principal of his music institution to advice hundreds of students with his music excellence. He has taught music to hundreds of blind orphaned children and become a guide to many artists. Along with music he is taught literature and writing by his master and hence writing came to him naturally. He has written thousands of poems, composed and sung them with his golden voice. This earned him invitations from many places across the country. He has been a busy singer in classical and light music. His songs are being broadcasted by Dharwad, Gulbarga and Srilankan (Ceylone) radio stations. The songs for which he composed music and sung have been released by well known music companies like HMV, Master Recording Company, Sangeeta, Ashwini recording etc., in the form of Gramophones, Cassettes, and CDs. Many of his popular works in the field of kannada literature are published and are well received by the readers, many are being published. He has directed music for many drama associations in Karnataka and also written dramas, directed and conducted successful experiments on the stage and called as ‘Natyakavi’.

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